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Does Borrowing For A Down Payment in Canada Make Sense?

With the current high real estate prices, saving up for a down payment can be a real challenge. House prices have appreciated to more than $450,000 on average, implying buyers making the standard down payment of 20% will need to put down $90,000 to get into the housing market. Even the 5% minimum down payment adds up to a significant $22,500, which does not include mortgage default insurance that can cost over $15,000 for an average-priced home. Add this to the real estate deposit and closing costs such as legal fees and land transfer taxes, and you understand why half of the adults aged 34 years and below who have not achieved the milestone of homeownership blame the long time needed to save.

When it comes to sources of down payments for buyers, the rules are relatively simple. Typically, lenders need you to pay a minimum of 5% of the price of the home with your own money. You can meet this requirement by borrowing from your RRSP or a secured line of credit like Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Some lenders allow you to use other resources, such as an unsecured line of credit only after you have met the minimum 5% (i.e., when you obtain 5% of the home price, you can borrow from alternative sources to add to the down payment). If you are carrying debt, don’t despair. Fortunately, the debt won’t necessarily prevent you from getting a mortgage approved. Additionally, lenders won’t consider the source of the saved funds provided you can give proof of the funds being in your bank account for a period of three months when submitting the mortgage application.

Most Canadians source their down payment funds from personal savings, including TFSAs and RRSPs. With mortgage having hit record lows, it’s hard to grow your savings without taking risks. So should you borrow for a down payment? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Enter the Market Faster

This is the biggest motivation for borrowing a down payment. House prices are at an all-time high, so it makes sense to borrow and move into your desired neighborhood before prices rise further to unaffordable levels.

2. Stop Throwing Money Away on Monthly Rent Payments

By becoming a homeowner, you get rid of the rent cheque for good. Assuming your home’s value doesn’t take a tumble, every dollar that goes toward principal payments increases your equity in the home.

3. Save on CMHC Insurance

If you put down less than 20% of your home’s price, you’ll need to purchase CMHC insurance (mortgage default insurance). The size of the down payment determines the mortgage insurance premium you’ll pay. The rates reduce as you pass 10, 15 and 20% marks. According to Deposit Financing’s vice president, Steven Johnston, borrowing from a HELOC or other secured sources to raise your down payment could reduce your monthly payments as well as help you save thousands on mortgage default insurance in certain situations. For more information on what you will pay depending on the situation you’re in, check out “Getting Loans For Real Estate Deposits : Deposit Financing,” an article written by Steven Johnston

In this case, if you borrow $5,000 to increase your down payment to 20%, you’ll save $7,290 on insurance and $55 on monthly payments. What’s more, you’ll reduce your interest by $1,400 over a fixed term of 5 years at 2.49%.

4. Boost Your Net Worth

If the current trend in the Canadian housing market continues, a home’s value can grow significantly quicker than the return on a savings account. For instance, prices in Vancouver have risen by 11.2% over the past year, meaning you could get an excellent return on investment in your home.


1. Less Equity, More Risk

The additional debt repayments reduce your cushion against unforeseen events such as sudden loss of a job or unexpected home repairs. Your home equity needs to be at least 20% for you to get approved for a HELOC, so you may run out of alternatives if you’re unable to cover costs with your savings.

2. Costly Repayments

If you get your down payment loan from a lending institution, the interest rate is likely to be higher than that of your mortgage. Choosing to cover the down payment with a cash back mortgage could earn you a rate considerably greater than a conventional mortgage with a fixed term rate of 5 years. As a result, you’ll pay this high rate on the outstanding mortgage balance.

3. Taking On New Debt Lowers Mortgage Affordability

One of the factors lenders consider when assessing your ability to qualify for a mortgage is your debt service ratio. A down payment loan alters this ratio and could lower your mortgage borrowing power, depending on the monthly payments you’re required to make.

4. Family Loans Can Bring About Other Issues

According to research, 28% of first-time home buyers fund their down payment using loans and gifts from family members. This can cause several problems that can affect your ability to live happily in your new house. For example, conflicts over decorations, furniture, and other expenses can strain your relationships.

Final Thoughts

Taking out a personal loan for your down payment has its pros and cons. Whether it makes sense to do so or not all depends on your comfort level and budget. If you’re sure you can cover the extra monthly payments as well as unplanned expenses, then you may consider borrowing money for the down payment. On the other hand, if you can’t comfortably make the additional payments to your bank or family member’s bank, you’re better off taking the good, old-fashioned savings route.

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What To Do When You Are Involved In a Toronto Car Accident

If anyone was hurt in the collision, it’s better to consult an expert. In the event the accident ends in death of an individual, the crime is a first-degree felony. Accidents on motorcycles may have a devastating influence on the lives of those injured and their family members. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that any accident that leads to damage to the rear bumper is very likely to cause injuries and even in accidents where there isn’t any outward physical damage to the car, there might continue to be sufficient forces involved to cause bodily injuries. Every year, about 1,300,000 folks are killed in road accidents. Car accidents can occur everywhere in the world, and at any moment. Many auto accidents result from the driver texting or talking on a mobile phone when driving.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a vehicle crash, we might have the ability to help you. What may seem to be a minor injury or minor pain may prove to be significant and durable. Very serious injuries like spinal cord injuries and brain damage require extensive medical therapy and attention often for the remainder of the victim’s life.

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How To Get Network Cabling Done Properly

If you want to get network cabling done right, you have to know who to contact. Doing cabling yourself may end in a confusing disaster so it’s best to call in someone that knows what they are doing. Learn how to do just that by reading on.

A lot of people don’t realize just how important cabling is. Look at your computer or TV if you have them and you have probably tried to get the cords out of the way and straightened out. Networks are like these kinds of things in your home, but they contain a lot of cables that all serve a different purpose. If they get tangled up and you have a network issue, then you are going to have to spend a lot of time and resources on trying to find out what goes where.

Cabling needs to be done by a professional. This is not the time where you’re going to want to try to do the work yourself because just a couple of mistakes could make it hard for your network to recover. There are a lot of cables and they all have to go somewhere. The job of a professional is to hook everything up and then to make sure the cables are all in order. You don’t want to let an amateur do the job because they may not know what to do beyond plug on different ends of different cables.

You’re going to want to have a look at the past of a cabling expert. Look for their company online or their name and see what people have said in reviews about them. A lot of people that do this kind of work are working for IT companies, so you should look up what has been said about those as well. The key is to not hire someone that has a bad history. That’s a sure way to not be happy because that means they may not do as good of a job even if they are charging fair prices.

Speaking of pricing, it helps to go with someone that has a good average price for the work they do. You want to avoid super cheap services a lot of the time because they don’t cost much due to them doing a lacklustre job. It is much smarter for you to work with someone that has a good price and that has a lot of positive press backing them like good reviews. Don’t pick out someone based on price because if that’s the only thing you know about them, the work they do may not be up to your standards.

When you work with a network cabling professional, you’ll be pleased with the outcome. It is a lot of work if your network is large and has a lot of cables, but it’s worth it to get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to go back later to a mess.



By | August 25th, 2017|Network Cabling|

A Close Look at How Interest Rates Affect Real Estate

The Federal Reserve controls the national interest rate in the United States.

Any economist will be more than happy to tell you that interest rates have a big effect on the value of the income-producing real estate. Shrewd real estate investors will always take interest rates and property value into consideration before adding more properties to their portfolio. It is imperative to point out that interest rates can influence one’s ability to purchase residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that mortgage rates are the only interest related factor that has a strong influence property values.

It is also important to point out that interest rates also have a substantial impact on capital flows in the real estate market. What are capital flows? They make up the supply and demand for mandated rates of return on investment. As a direct result, interest rates will move property prices in different ways. This is the primary reason why capital flows are closely monitored by many economists and real estate insiders.

The Fundamentals of Evaluating Real Estate Properties

You must have a clear understanding of the income approach to real estate values. Without this knowledge, it will be extremely challenging for you to know how capital flows, interpret financing rates and know how government controlled interest rates move property values. To be honest, the income approach is the best way to calculate property value. This is the primary reason why it is being taught in real estate schools around the country. The income approach can be compared to the discounted cash flow analysis used in the financial markets around the globe.

In laymen terms, learning how to evaluate real estate properties can help you determine how much income the prospective property will generate throughout the entire year. Your passive income payments can come in the form of lease payments or the occupancy rate if you are dealing with a hotel. You take property costs and the financing cost into consideration. After all the operating expenses are computed, you will be able to figure out the net operating income.

Historical interest rates are at an all-time low in the United States and Canada.

You can get the net cash flow after you subtract capital costs and the investment capital used to maintain the property. It is also vital to mention that non-property expenses must be deducted from the net operating income. In many instances, properties do not have a stated dividend policy. As a result, net cash flow will be equal to cash reserves that are available to investors. You can figure out the actual value of the subject property if you look at the discount the cash flow stream for a particular investment period.

Capital Flows

A landmark study done by justinhennessey.com elaborates that interest rates can have a significant effect on the cost of financing and mortgage rates. As a result, property level prices go up and down. In the end, the property value will be influenced. However, we must recognize that supply and demand for capital and competing investments have a bigger impact on required rates of return and property investment values. It is worth mentioning that the activities of the Federal Reserve will also have an effect on the real value of all investments.

Changes in capital flows can determine if more commercial and residential properties will be purchased by investors. The price of capital will determine if the market will move in a progressive or regressive direction. An abundance of capital in the market will prompt investors and prospective home buyers to make their move. In simple terms, investors will pursue more deals if the purchase funds are available and prospective home buyers will buy more homes. The price of capital and capital availability determine property values.

Discount Rates

When we look at capitalization rates and the derivation of discount concept, we don’t have any problems in seeing the impact interest rates have on the real estate market. The capitalization rate is considered to be the investor’s dividend rate, and the discount rate is equivalent to an investor’s anticipated return on their money. Here’s the formula: (K-g). The letter g represents the predicted increase in income or the noticeable increase in capital appreciation.

Both rates are dominated by prevailing interest rates. For many investors, the risk-free rate is the rate attached to United States Treasuries. U.S. Treasuries are attractive to conservative investors because the chances of the government failing to repay are pretty low. Investors know that high-risk investments must offer a high return. This minimizes their risk. This is why they don’t hesitate to add a risk premium to the risk-free rate. This simple measure helps them calculate the real risk of taking on a project.

Because K is equivalent to the risk-free rate and risk premium, the capitalization is equivalent to the risk-free rate and risk premium. The anticipated growth (g) in income is wisely deducted. Please keep in mind that supply and demand have a direct relationship with risk premiums, and discount rates will differ because unpredictable interest rates create them.

The Final Word

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to earn impressive passive income. It is imperative for you to concentrate on mortgage rates because they have a significant impact on property value in the real estate market. A mortgage calculator can help you research interest rates with ease. Experienced real estate investors and smart home shoppers use a mortgage calculator before making their offer.

Fluctuating interest rates influence many aspects of real estate. Besides determining the market price of your home, interest rates also determine how much capital is available for investment deals. As I mentioned earlier, capital flows will always influence the supply and demand for prime property and property prices. It is also worth mentioning that substitute investments are affected by interest rates.

The changes related to the rates of return for residential and commercial real estate will not stay the same during periods of destabilization in the credit market. The future of the market is unclear and unpredictable at this moment. It is fair to say that experienced real estate investors will always take measures that will help them limit their risk while pursuing exceptional real estate properties. You should do the same.

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SEO Benefits Real Estate Agents In These Ways

Many small business owners doubt the importance of inbound traffic. However, they should realize that it is crucial for their real estate agency.

The significance of inbound traffic is not the only thing that is good for your industry, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also plays a major role in leading your industry to success.

SEO is not only important for claiming the number one rank on search engines, but it also helps to attract the potential buyers and sellers at the right moment.

This means that SEO can become a ladder that can help you climb your way to success from just another businessman to being the most popular real estate agent in your town.
It is crucial to learn how SEO works before using it for your business.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is a process which includes various steps necessary to enhance the visibility of the website in search engines results. Poor or no SEO leads to lower rankings in search engine results page (SERPs).

Implementing SEO means that you are in the process of increasing your website’s ranking to reach the top of search results.

Nowadays, websites can only reach the top of Google’s search results if they are using the Google-approved white hat techniques. This is commonly used by all marketing companies.

Additional resource: What is SEO?

Marketing companies implement white hat techniques by targeting specific keywords or phrases on a website. Another major part of the SEO process is creating links, generating good quality content, reducing the website’s loading speed, and decreasing bounce rate.
To rank the website for a specific keyword, the search engine checks different kinds of factors. By passing all of these SEO factors, your website has greater odds of receiving the highest rank for the targeted keyword related to your business.

To make it simpler, consider yourself as “the realtor in Utah,” you should target this as the main keyword for your website.
After reading till this point, you might have a better understanding of how SEO works, so let’s talk about some advantages of the proper utilization of SEO on a real estate website.

SEO Advantages For The Real Estate Agents

You can get several benefits from the correct implementation of SEO on your website. It will not only increase the traffic on your site, but it will also help to boost up your business.

More Traffic Equals More Conversion

Higher website rankings attract more traffic to a website. It has been discovered that 64.5% of internet users click the first three search engine results and only 30% of users click on the results shown below.

This means that if your website is listed on the second page, it would require a miracle to get noticed.

Search engine optimization is the most affordable and trusted way to rank on any search engine results page and consequently receiving more clicks on your real estate website.

Additional resource: 10 Smart Ways To Increase Organic Traffic To A Website

When choosing the keywords which have more average monthly searches and leads to more conversions, quality holds the same significance as the quantity. Targeting broad keywords like “real estate” or “property for sale” might improve the visibility of your website on the search engine, but because of the competition, it will not rank up very well.

Using the broad keywords will not gain the attention of local buyers to avail your real estate services.

Using the strategic approach for SEO to target buyers according to the property models, location, neighborhoods, and other search criteria’s probably will not lead to the insane amount of clicks, but people who will visit your website will have more tendency to purchase or rent a property.

Getting such users will increase your conversion rate. It is discovered that organic traffic leads to 25% more conversions as compared to the paid traffic.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

When compared to other marketing strategies, SEO dominates conversions and click-through rates, thus bringing more profit than others.

As many people searching the web for new property increases, profit gained from the SEO of your real estate website also increases.

Coronation Internet Marketing & SEO told us- “There are several factors which affect the price of SEO, which includes the duration for which the marketing company works to promote your website, the scope of the project, required services, and the company size.”

Additional resource: What ROI Can I Expect From SEO?

Each company has a different way of charging their customers. Some charge on an hourly basis, while others charge on a monthly basis. Considering the work required, you might get charged $76 hourly or $ 6,000 for a month.

SEO is relatively cheap when compared to other marketing strategies, which in turn increases your ROI.

Talking about ROI, some of our clients have enjoyed an increase of up to 700 % in their website traffic in just three months!

Higher Brand Awareness

The majority of the users do not bother to search further than the first page of search engine results. Several sites which are unable to reach the first page are unfortunate even to receive the first glance. As the aim of the SEO is to bring your site to the top results, it will also improve your brand awareness.

Simply put, more traffic means more calls and consequently resulting in more conversions for your real estate business.
Better rankings will increase the traffic; this means that many people will try to contact you through social media, subscribing to your newsletter and by sharing your content.

This will lead to a decreased bounce rate and more organic searches which are vital for improving your website’s ranking on different search engines.

Additional resource: Toronto SEO Experts – Ontario Search Engine Optimization Company

Good Quality Leads To Higher Authority

Good quality content plays a major role alongside the usage of proper keywords for higher rankings.

The top search result is considered more genuine and relevant by internet users. However, this requires a great deal of time and effort.
Search engines have built-in algorithms which are used to examine the authority of the provided content by searching high-quality backlinks created on other websites.

Writing a good quality content will catch the interest of other popular websites and having backlinks on these websites will attract more traffic and boost your website’s authority.

If you have good quality content, this means that you will eventually get more clicks, this will allow more people to interact with you through comments and social media shares. After some time, your blog posts will have more valuable back links, and this will increase the authority of your website in the real estate niche and boost your rankings even further.

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Toronto Suburb Homes Real Estate Directory

It does not matter if you are looking to sell, rent or buy your home, Toronto Suburb Homes Directory of real estate brokers in Toronto, ON will help you connect with professionals who can cater to your needs. The real estate market is one of a kind in Toronto that is why it is important to choose a broker or real estate agent with local knowledge to help you through the process of buying, renting or selling your next home. Our real estate directory will help you find the right real estate agent who specializes in foreclosures, selling or relocation and many other options. You can also work with a real estate broker or local agent who can provide you with a whole lot of selling and buying services

Regardless of what your real estate needs are, finding the right local real estate professional is the first step you should take. The Toronto’s Suburbs Home real estate directory lets you compare and review real estate agents, read helpful reviews and contact brokers from the Toronto Suburbs Homes profile pages online.

Toronto Suburbs Homes is one of the top and leading directories in rental marketplaces and real estate. They are dedicated to helping customers with data, knowledge, and inspiration around the place that they call their own, and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help you out.

Are you a broker or real estate agent and want to be in our directory? Give us a call so you can find out how.

Finding a Realtor in Toronto ON.

When you are looking for brokers and real estate agents or other real estate experts, a Toronto realtor can make your goals easier to achieve. Whether you have found a home and are dealing with the obstacle of filling out paperwork, wondering how you can buy in prospective buyers, concerned about the legal matters of selling your house, or if you are at some other point in the real estate industry, a realtor professional in Toronto can help you. From the first stage of being interested in selling your house to the closing paperwork, look for a realtor in Toronto to help you make the best decision.

There are a lot of brokers, real estate agents and other real estate experts, and you can choose one based on the amount of service that you need. You can find a real estate agent or broker with a good personality, someone that has a lot of listings or just a few. You can also find someone who can facilitate and lead the process, or you can choose based on their many certifications.

When you choose a Toronto Realtor based on their credentials, you can find a real estate agent or broker with the right qualifications you need. Choose from a lot of different qualifications in anything such as appraisals, brokerage, property management, and a lot more. You can also pick a real estate agent based on what you need regarding the amount of service or representation, or even the personality of your prospective agent.

Selling or buying your house is a big investment, and if you want to make sure that you are carefully handling your investment, you are making the right choice by finding a realtor in Toronto.

Special thanks to the Alex Silva, “best real estate agent in toronto ontario.” for the article.

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