Many small business owners doubt the importance of inbound traffic. However, they should realize that it is crucial for their real estate agency.

The significance of inbound traffic is not the only thing that is good for your industry, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also plays a major role in leading your industry to success.

SEO is not only important for claiming the number one rank on search engines, but it also helps to attract the potential buyers and sellers at the right moment.

This means that SEO can become a ladder that can help you climb your way to success from just another businessman to being the most popular real estate agent in your town.
It is crucial to learn how SEO works before using it for your business.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is a process which includes various steps necessary to enhance the visibility of the website in search engines results. Poor or no SEO leads to lower rankings in search engine results page (SERPs).

Implementing SEO means that you are in the process of increasing your website’s ranking to reach the top of search results.

Nowadays, websites can only reach the top of Google’s search results if they are using the Google-approved white hat techniques. This is commonly used by all marketing companies.

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Marketing companies implement white hat techniques by targeting specific keywords or phrases on a website. Another major part of the SEO process is creating links, generating good quality content, reducing the website’s loading speed, and decreasing bounce rate.
To rank the website for a specific keyword, the search engine checks different kinds of factors. By passing all of these SEO factors, your website has greater odds of receiving the highest rank for the targeted keyword related to your business.

To make it simpler, consider yourself as “the realtor in Utah,” you should target this as the main keyword for your website.
After reading till this point, you might have a better understanding of how SEO works, so let’s talk about some advantages of the proper utilization of SEO on a real estate website.

SEO Advantages For The Real Estate Agents

You can get several benefits from the correct implementation of SEO on your website. It will not only increase the traffic on your site, but it will also help to boost up your business.

More Traffic Equals More Conversion

Higher website rankings attract more traffic to a website. It has been discovered that 64.5% of internet users click the first three search engine results and only 30% of users click on the results shown below.

This means that if your website is listed on the second page, it would require a miracle to get noticed.

Search engine optimization is the most affordable and trusted way to rank on any search engine results page and consequently receiving more clicks on your real estate website.

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When choosing the keywords which have more average monthly searches and leads to more conversions, quality holds the same significance as the quantity. Targeting broad keywords like “real estate” or “property for sale” might improve the visibility of your website on the search engine, but because of the competition, it will not rank up very well.

Using the broad keywords will not gain the attention of local buyers to avail your real estate services.

Using the strategic approach for SEO to target buyers according to the property models, location, neighborhoods, and other search criteria’s probably will not lead to the insane amount of clicks, but people who will visit your website will have more tendency to purchase or rent a property.

Getting such users will increase your conversion rate. It is discovered that organic traffic leads to 25% more conversions as compared to the paid traffic.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

When compared to other marketing strategies, SEO dominates conversions and click-through rates, thus bringing more profit than others.

As many people searching the web for new property increases, profit gained from the SEO of your real estate website also increases.

Coronation Internet Marketing & SEO told us- “There are several factors which affect the price of SEO, which includes the duration for which the marketing company works to promote your website, the scope of the project, required services, and the company size.”

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Each company has a different way of charging their customers. Some charge on an hourly basis, while others charge on a monthly basis. Considering the work required, you might get charged $76 hourly or $ 6,000 for a month.

SEO is relatively cheap when compared to other marketing strategies, which in turn increases your ROI.

Talking about ROI, some of our clients have enjoyed an increase of up to 700 % in their website traffic in just three months!

Higher Brand Awareness

The majority of the users do not bother to search further than the first page of search engine results. Several sites which are unable to reach the first page are unfortunate even to receive the first glance. As the aim of the SEO is to bring your site to the top results, it will also improve your brand awareness.

Simply put, more traffic means more calls and consequently resulting in more conversions for your real estate business.
Better rankings will increase the traffic; this means that many people will try to contact you through social media, subscribing to your newsletter and by sharing your content.

This will lead to a decreased bounce rate and more organic searches which are vital for improving your website’s ranking on different search engines.

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Good Quality Leads To Higher Authority

Good quality content plays a major role alongside the usage of proper keywords for higher rankings.

The top search result is considered more genuine and relevant by internet users. However, this requires a great deal of time and effort.
Search engines have built-in algorithms which are used to examine the authority of the provided content by searching high-quality backlinks created on other websites.

Writing a good quality content will catch the interest of other popular websites and having backlinks on these websites will attract more traffic and boost your website’s authority.

If you have good quality content, this means that you will eventually get more clicks, this will allow more people to interact with you through comments and social media shares. After some time, your blog posts will have more valuable back links, and this will increase the authority of your website in the real estate niche and boost your rankings even further.

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